Short version....

I'm Aisa or Aisazia. I'm an art and story lover. Unapologetic Reader/Writer/Artist/Blogger. Swimmer/Dreamer. Lover of Tea and Coffee. 

Long version....

You can call me "Aisazia" or "Aisa". Obviously it's not my real name and it's something I'd like to keep private until I get to know you which you can do by posting comments or talking with me on my social media. I'm friendly, I promise. :)

I'm a life long reader, I've always enjoyed reading and had been at it ever since I was a child. As I grew older I kept reading. One day, after a particularly long rant about a book I had just read, my family asked if I could talk to someone else about it. I said no and they said maybe I should look online. I suspected they were tired of hearing me discuss the books I've read. Since I knew no other readers who enjoyed the same books I did, I decided I had nothing to lose, so I dove into the internet.

There I found a marvelous community of readers and writers. I didn't realize there were book bloggers or professional readers! I thought victoriously, "These are my people!" 

While I enjoyed reading their blogs, I decided I wanted to put my voice out there too about the books I've read. I also wanted to help support authors. If it's a good story, I wanted to help share it.

That's about it! Thanks for reading!