Monday, November 28, 2016

Book Review: The King by Liz Meldon (18+)

Not all vampire hunters dress in head-to-toe leather and sit on rooftops overlooking a gritty vampire-ridden city. Meet Delia Roberts. At twenty-six, she’s a mid-level hunter with the Harriswood League, and, despite her best efforts, isn’t scaling the hunter hierarchy anytime soon.

Months earlier, desperate to prove herself, Delia snuck into an exclusive vampire masquerade, only to wind up with a bite on her neck courtesy of clan leader and gorgeous vampire Claude Grimm. Fearful of the League’s punishment for succumbing to a bloodsucker’s charms, Delia does what she can to hide the bite and pretends the night never happened.

These days, however, Claude is determined to win her over, insisting the spark they felt that fateful night is worth pursuing. As Delia tries to ignore her steadily growing feelings for the enemy and fend off a mounting quarter-life crisis, vampire clan tensions worsen around the quiet city of Harriswood, bringing with them a danger unlike any the League has ever seen.

One that might change the course of history for good.


(18 and older recommended)


This book is the sequel to The Fool which is a prequel novella. We follow the main characters Delia and Claude following the events of the masquerade.

The pacing felt a little slow at the beginning but we do learn more about the Hunter League and how Delia feels about her career. I found it interesting but not loving the whole hierarchy of it, especially when Delia often shrunk back against the higher ups when she should have fought back. It was fine but I feel it got more interesting near the end, around 70% of the book. I do like how Delia isn't perfect and grew up when she finally figured out what she really wanted in her life which is what many adults are dealing with, myself included.

I still like Delia and Claude but felt like Delia didn't really deserve Claude. I didn't quite see what he saw in her but I hope that will be revealed in the sequel. I didn't have a problem with Delia but do feel that Claude got the short end of the stick in the relationship. To me, Claude had infinite patience with her and sometimes felt like she acted immature even though she had a good heart or intentions. I'm hoping to see more growth in the next book.

Overall, the plot was ok for 50% of the book but got better near the end and the conclusion ended just as I thought it got more interesting. If you're looking for any sexy-times, don't expect it until the end of the book either if that's what you're looking for after reading The Fool. Those were fun but short lived.

I'm still a huge fan of Liz Meldon, I just don't feel like this book hit the right spots for me. I feel like pacing could have been better and plot/relationships a bit more interesting. Still a nice read and this book is good if you like conspiracies, hot/cold relationships, and vampires that can walk during the day.

3.3 out of 5 for me!

(An ARC was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)

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