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Book Review: Twisted Fairy Tale: An Anthology + Excerpt

Twisted Fairy Tale: An Anthology
Authors-Bethany Lopez, Elizabeth Sharp, Erin Danzer, Heather Marie Adkins, J. Laslie, Jill Cooper, K. Laslie, Magan Vernon, Susan Burdorf, Victoria Escobar

Genre- Fairy Tales

These aren’t the fairy tales you grew up with. New twists reimagine the classics to all sorts of places you’d never expect. This anthology was written solely for the purpose of raising money for the DM Currier Foundation for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Research. For more information, you can visit

To stop a zombie plague, Snow White will need to kill the evil Queen before the last apple falls.

When Veronica Chapman falls into a coma in a horrific car accident, Trigg Chapman has the second chance to rekindle their rocky romance once upon a dream.

A princess cursed, a blind man kidnapped, and The Beast who threatens their happiness.

Aria inherited a century-long battle among the merfolk nations along with the crown, but a tenacious human looking for restitution could change everything.

A sapling of a dying magical tree desires revenge before the flames turn to love and grant Pinocchia her one wish—to be a real girl.

A princess becomes a pauper, but then must fight to save her kingdom.

Leukemia may have stolen Rapunzel's hair but not her dreams.

When Grandma becomes the latest victim in a string of murders, the wolf just might have to be the hero.

Rumpelstilstkin is not the only criminal in the kingdom.

At the stroke of midnight the spell will break, but there's no proof that it's true love.


I love fairy tales so the chance for me to read different variations of the tales are exciting for me! This anthology of short stories takes a well known fairy tale and the authors each take off  with them in different ways. Of course there are some I enjoy more than others but there is a good variety of stories here that I think there will be at least a few you will enjoy.

The pacing and writing are all decent among the stories. I didn't find myself bored at all. The lengths are also pretty good, sometimes I feel short stories are too short but I think a majority of these stories are a good length to be able to tell a full story without feeling like it had been cut short.

These are all retellings of the more popular fairy tales which I don't mind and love but sometimes I'd like to read a lesser well known fairy tale, just to shake it up a bit. Still these are solid stories, some with twists I didn't expect which I loved and I'm sure that you'll enjoy the twists and turns some of these authors take in their stories.

That book cover is stunning and part of why I also wanted to read this book besides the fact these are retold fairy tales. Highly recommended if you want to absorb all the fairy retellings in the world where proceeds go to a good cause! I mean, who doesn't? ^_~

Something I'd like to reiterate is that all proceeds of this book will go to the DM Currier Foundation for Peripartum Cardiomyopathy Research. For more information, you can visit This is admirable for the authors to give their time and stories to help others. That is something that I can't ignore and respect all who were involved with the creation of this book.

3.3 out of 5 for me!

(A copy was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)

True Love's Kiss - Jill Cooper (Snow White)

The Only Chance - Magan Vernon (Sleeping Beauty)

Beau and the Beastess - Bethany Lopez (Beauty and the Beast)

MerQueen - Heather Marie Adkins (The Little Mermaid)

Pinocchia - K. Laslie (Pinocchio)

The Princess and the Pauper - Erin Danzer (Prince and the Pauper)

Rae of Hope - J. Laslie (Rapunzel)

The Beast Within - Elizabeth Sharp (Red Riding Hood)

The Other Half - Victoria Escobar (Cinderella)

The Trial Of Rumpelstiltskin - Susan Burdorf (Rumpelstiltskin)

Excerpt from MerQueen

The weight of the boat pushed him down. A brilliant red light shattered the hull, and Eret fought not to cry out, shielding his eyes.

Time slowed. Instinct told Eret to flail, to kick for the surface; instead, he opened his eyes and surveyed the scene around him.

A thousand tiny pieces of his father’s boat floated about him. Beyond them, mermaids. Dozens and dozens, maybe even hundreds of mermaids. Fair-skinned, human-like torsos slipped seamlessly into long, colorful tail fins powered by large, double fins at the end. Long-haired, short-haired, small, tall, as varied as human beings, but with the slim, powerful lines of creatures suited for the water. They battled, an underwater ballet beautiful in its ferocity. He watched as a male nearby lost his head to the battle-axe of a female with muscles like a man. The male’s body spewed blood as it fell into the murk below, the head drifting like a leaf on the wind after it.

Brilliant red light shattered around him, lighting the sea like blood lightning. Each blast illuminated men and women coming together in a fury all around him, as far as he could see: spears stabbing, axes arcing gracefully through the water, and all the while, red fireballs shooting from their fingertips.

Eret’s heart pounded in his ears. There was such an absence of sound. This was war. There should have been shouts and cries, the dull cleaving of heads from bodies or the meaty slice of spears on skin. The merfolk were talking and shouting, because their lips moved. But he heard nothing.

A shaft of sunlight beamed through the surface, illuminating a single mermaid in the midst of it all.

Time slowed even more.

Her sword sliced through the water with deadly efficiency as she mowed down the enemy. Her tail shone purple, flipping expertly as she turned this way and that beneath a mane of wild red hair, her weapons hitting the mark with astonishing accuracy.

The burning in his chest reminded Eret that he himself was not a mermaid, and he needed to leave. Immediately. He kicked for the surface, dodging a trio of men stabbing at one another with wicked spears. None of them even seemed to notice his presence.

The glittering underside of the surface beckoned him. Eret climbed hand over hand, reaching for the sun.

And a spear slipped through his ribcage.

All breath left in his lungs expelled. Eret screamed. When he had no breath left to do that, he breathed in, choking on water instead. A giant of a mermaid—merman?—lifted an axe. His gaze on Eret promised swift death.

But a pale arm blocked the blow. The red-haired mermaid slipped between them, zapping the merman with a shining red palm—some kind of magick, Eret realized. Taking advantage of the warrior’s shock, the mermaid swung her own small axe and separated his head from his shoulders.

Eret held his ribcage where warm blood seeped from him and tainted the water. A part of his mind thought, Sharks. Hell. But he realized how stupid a thought that was when the mermaid whirled on him.

She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen with a creamy, heart-shaped face, but her emerald eyes were hard and cold. As darkness danced in his vision, she noted his lack of a fish tail and shook her head, clearly irritated.

Before he could react, she slapped a palm to his chest and shot him with the red magic. The force flung him upwards.

He broke the surface, gasping for breath as his body flailed through the air like a dolphin. He smacked the water, disappearing under only for a brief moment before he found his way back up.

Eret wasted no time swimming away from the boiling water of the battle.

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