Saturday, August 15, 2015

PPL YA Festival 2015 with Pictures

Here's my post for the PPL YA Festival 2015! Sorry for the extreme delay. So many things happening in life that I haven't been able to write anything up. Now quickly, on to the pics!

I arrived a bit late to the opening ceremonies and got a little turned around, as did a few others. Wish there were more signs that pointed towards the auditorium for those of us who have never been in the school. Had to ask and get redirected to the right place but we didn't wander too much. Here's a photo of Cinda Williams Chima who gave a lovely speech.

After that we had a little break to disperse to the first part of panels or workshops. I went to Jody Casella's Revision and Editing Workshop. It was interesting and informative. Loved seeing the various plotting methods other authors used.

Then we had an hour or so break for lunch and walking around the different tables for local events and groups. It was interesting. There also was an author signing for some time where you can bring or purchase your books (From Half Price Books or the authors themselves) and have them signed by the authors! I picked up a few. I wanted more but I don't have the funds nor the book shelf space so I limited myself to only 3. Of course, I had them sign them all. :D

My first was Paul Melko who I hadn't heard of before but his book interested me so I decided to pick it up to try. Thanks for being a sport and for taking a photo with your table helper!

Then I got one from Cinda Williams Chima. I met her once before at a different book festival and she was kind. I meant to try her books from the library before but didn't get around to it so decided to buy one so I would actually try to read it. lol

Lastly, I got one from Vicki Leigh who I had found online and was interested in her book so I wanted to meet her. She was friendly and joked that she never had people come up to her to ask for photos before. lol The other person is a volunteen for the event who was funny.

More photos of the event! Sorry I wasn't able to catch pics of lunch but it was mainly food trucks which I couldn't eat since I have Celiacs disease so I have to eat gluten free. I brought my own dinner but it was hot outside. I was sweating by the time I finished. I should have brought it in but that'd be weird, right? I guess no more weird than eating it in your car. lol I need to bring some friends.

Lastly, here's Vicki Leigh, Mindee Arnett and Cinda Williams Chima in the Fantasy Fiction Part 2 panel. It was informative and entertaining. I found myself laughing quite a bit. This pic wasn't very good, it was a bit difficult to get them all in the shot but it must have been good because Vicki Leigh ended up sharing it on her Twitter! LOL

Overall, I think it was an enjoyable all day event but there was a lot of down time. While I think lunch could have been shortened I still had fun. I'll need to read these books before next year's event! Hope this peaked your curiosity into coming next year! Let me know if you are and maybe we can meet up! If you went, let me know what you thought!

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