Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Review: Refilling Your Inkwell by Kellie Sheridan



Once finished with this book, one can't help but feel inspired to write after reading. The author does a good job at explaining each technique to help motivate you to be creative again. You might find one or two new things in this book if you don't read non-fiction aimed at writers too often or search online writer's advice blogs too much.

For me, since I do both, I can't help but feel that what has been written is nothing Earth-shatteringly new. I've seen or read it all before so it's not as helpful to me when it comes to finding a new inspiration technique. 

Still, I recommend this book if you often struggle and need reminders of different strategies to help re-inspire you to write. The reason is because a majority of the techniques can all be found in this one book. This saves you time so you don't have to it searching for inspiration online. If these strategies work for you, you can just pick up the book and read until you're out of your creative rut.....or at least feel somewhat productive until you feel inspired again.

3 out of 5 rating for me!

(A copy was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)

About the Author

Kellie has been in love with stories in all of their forms for as long as she can remember. Admittedly, sometimes that means falling into places like Stars Hollow and Sunnydale, but books have always been her true love.

Kellie spent part of her twenties living in Galway, Ireland and swooning after various lilting accents but is now back home in Ontario, Canada. Her family includes two Glen of Imaal Terriers and an Australian Labradoodle.

Find her at her: Website | Twitter

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