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Book Review: Infinite by Erica Crouch + Excerpt + Giveaway

Cover Reveal: Infinite, by Erica Crouch
Infinite by Erica Crouch 
Series: Ignite #3 
Published by Patchwork Press on June 16, 2015 
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult 

Goodreads Synopsis:
There are infinite ways to die, and the fates are calling for blood. After evading Azael since her betrayal, it’s finally time for Pen to stop running and face her desperate brother. But she won’t have to challenge him alone: the rebel army of New Genesis is ready to stand strong and fight to secure the future they believe in.

As Azael spirals deeper and deeper into darkness, and Pen grapples with her new leadership role, a familiar name rises to power whose decisions have the potential to rewrite everyone’s future. Dangerous secrets, silent traitors, and unraveling fates means that time is running out. There’s no telling who will survive the final battle.

In this thrilling conclusion to the Ignite series, Pen and Azael return to finish what they started over a millennia ago.

We’re in the final stretch of celebrating the Ignite series! The final installment, Infinite, comes out in just over a month, and we are so excited to be sharing the cover with you today. Erica's been waiting to reveal this one since January (when she first made it, after she decided to split Incite in half). What do you think? Here’s the series all lined up:

  Ignite Series Full

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This is the epic conclusion of the Ignite series! Find my reviews for the previous books here and here! I'll give you a hint. I loved them. ^_~

Whoo wee! I'm always nervous when I read the last book of a series. It's the bittersweet end to a story and I'm rarely ever ready for a good story to end. Are you ready? Cause I'm ready.

To put it simply, Crouch delivers! I had already enjoyed her previous books and had high hopes for the conclusion to this story. I'm glad to say that I enjoyed the end of this series.

Pen and Michael are back and dealing with the Heaven vs Hell war as well as figuring out what to do to get back Michael's soul. I like the push and pull Azael and Pen have during this book and let's just say Azael surprisingly broke my heart in this one. Love the moment of confrontation the twins have and I'll admit, I cried a little. It's now one of my favorites scenes in the story! There were several other scenes I really liked in this book but that one touched me the most. Probably helps that I have 3 siblings and am a twin so I can totally relate.

The addition of Lilith's voice was a fun one and I'm glad Crouch added her voice. I really liked the twisted way she thought and how she went from in the shadows to extremely important. She's smart and deceptively manipulative. I respect that she calculates and thinks about her actions before putting them into motion. Although, I'm not too sold on her rise to power because it seemed too easy but I went with it and grew to enjoy her character.

Loved the final battle scene. Full of blood and death. We do lose some of our friends but I won't tell you who. It hurts but that's the result of war. I would have liked to see more aerial fights. We didn't get any especially considering that they all have wings. Most of the important battles occurred on the ground. It felt like they forgot they had wings. That bothered me a little but is fairly insignificant.

The writing is good, like before, Crouch is descriptive in her writing which I didn't have any problems with previous books but this time I found myself skimming just a bit to get to the action. When I started, I had no problem diving right back into the story as if I never left. The pace at the beginning of this book put me off just a bit. The reason is that we get an overlapping of point of views from a moment in time and to me it felt like repeating a scene. We'd move forward in the story and then take a step back and repeat for a moment from another character's point of view and I didn't love that. I just wanted to keep moving forward. Doing this is fine a few times but we did it multiple times and threw my pacing off.

I can't say I loved the end because it didn't quite blow my mind as I had hoped but after some thought I came to a mutual acceptance and agreement. It's satisfying and completes the story. At first I didn't like when Pen changed but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense to me and why Crouch chose to end it that way. When the realization hit me, I definitely liked the end more and why she wrote it this way. There is never an end between the battle of good and evil. It's definitely a bittersweet end to the series and I'm so glad the author included the Epilogue because if it ended at that last chapter I would have died.

Overall, I'd recommend this book if you love battles between Angels and Demons and the precarious battle between the balance of good and evil. Crouch delivers a fantastic ride of a story and I am sad to depart from this world and these characters. However, I'm excited to see what Crouch comes up with next!

3.5 out of 5 rating for me!

(A copy was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)


I circle my arms around his neck and pull him nearer to me. Beneath the water, his hands find my bare waist, his fingers pressing into my skin like he’s trying to stamp his fingerprints on me. I let him, and I lean toward him, allow our lips touch after the briefest pause a breath away.

And just like that, we’re lost to each other, in our own infinity. A simple touch and everything around us vanishes. Nothing matters but Michael—the way he’s touching me and the way I’m touching him. All of our wishes coalescing into one, our future full of anything we can imagine. Possibility pulls us forward.

We don’t need each other; we choose each other. He makes me better in ways I never could have imagined, and I’d like to hope I help him, too. We share secrets— things we can’t tell anyone else. Things no one else would understand like we do. Our pasts are dark with blood and poor choices, but we’re getting better. We’re making it better, together. At last, we’re trying.

His heart slams into my chest, and I swear I can hear my own answering back.

I let a poem unravel in my mind, one I have never read to anyone else before. One no one knows exists. 

‘Taste the echo of last night’s stars...’

Hands on my waist, my ribs, his fingers trailing up my spine. His lips find my shoulders.

‘In your morning exhales and sighs.’

His movements slow down, his mouth dragging languidly across my collarbone.

‘And stay with me all day / And all through the night.’

He pulls back from me.

‘Wait for the sun to set / Stay by my side.’

“What poem is that?” he asks.

(OMG Love it! *fans self* 

/ends swoons


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About Erica Crouch

Erica Crouch is a young adult and new adult author from Baltimore, Maryland. She has a strange blended aesthetic of cute and spooky, and her books reflect her ever changing mood. (You may find romance, you may find gore—sometimes both in the same book, but probably not at the same time. Probably.) Erica is the cofounder of Patchwork Press — an indie publishing collective that produces middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles in all genres — and Weapenry — a resource for writers. She is the head of editorial services and design, with over fifty projects to her name.

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