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Book Review: The Cinderella Moment by Jennifer Kloester



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The Cinderella Moment by Jennifer Kloester!

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I adored this book. It made me think of Sabrina meets Anna and the French Kiss.” – Amanda

If you love a good male lead, and you love fairy-tale style re-tellings then this is the book for you!” — Claire

This one played out in my head like a movie.” — Michelle, Novels on the Run

So nice to see a clean, old-fashioned romantic coming of age story. I can see Disney knocking on Ms. Kloester’s door soon. A very charming read. I will recommend to my students this fall.” —MaryAnn E.

I just loved this book! So not was I was expecting. Clean, romantic and the fashion is to die for!” — K. Mendez

Let the masquerade begin!

Angel Moncoeur has always wanted to be a fashion designer, but without money or connections, it’s going to be a challenge. When an opportunity to leave her home in New York and head to Paris appears, Angel grabs it – even if it means masquerading as her best friend Lily. That can’t be too hard, can it? But when she falls in love with her very own Prince Charming who thinks she’s someone else, Angel embarks on a plan to secure her happy ever after.

THE CINDERELLA MOMENT is a fabulously fun story about high society, mistaken identity, love, betrayal, friendship – and great clothes!

THE CINDERELLA MOMENT is a contemporary twist on the Cinderella fairytale. There are no fantasy or magical elements. This is NOT a paranormal or fantasy novel! This is a clean contemporary coming of age story that readers can be comfortable recommending to daughters, nieces, students and friends who enjoy teen romance reads. Originally published in Austalia by Penguin. Available in the U.S. in both print and eBook from Swoon Romance.
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The Cinderella Moment
by Jennifer Kloester
Publication Date: December 2013
Publisher: Swoon Romance

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In the beginning, we start reading about Angel and Lily and the relationship between each other. During the beginning we also learn about their life and background. It started off slow, it took me a few chapters to fully get immersed into the story but once I did I enjoyed it immensely. 

At first, I had been slightly confused because I forgot who the protagonist was when I started reading because it sort of read as omniscient third person but only a little later did I remember that Angel was the main character. Once I figured that out it was easier to read. I liked it better when Lily and Angel went their separate ways because I could read easier because I didn't get as confused between who was who in the story. I enjoyed the rest of the story once I got into the groove of reading but I think it could have been a bit quicker to get to the incited event.

After a few chapters I really got immersed into the story, I like where the author takes Angel and how all the events all coincide. It definitely is interesting to see such a high lifestyle and I loved seeing Paris. As someone from the middle class, I don't know what a high class life is like with the exception of watching TV shows or movies. I'm also not the type of person to care about fashion, brand names escape me, but I definitely can appreciate the artistic nature of creating a design and bringing it to life. As I read, I can't say that I didn't see the end coming because I did. I guessed it about half way through but I still liked it and how the author executed it. 

I liked all the characters, they felt fairly real to me, except the bad women because they didn't feel as complex as I'd like. I would have liked to see a little behind why they acted the way they did but it's not a huge issue for me but would have made them more real for me. I didn't have a problem with the other characters but sort of wished there had been a little more growth or development among the higher class kids.

I feel that the writing is smooth and the pace for the rest of the book read easily to me. I enjoyed the squeamish situations the character got into but I wish it had been more brutal. I know that sounds bad, but I feel like things were a little too easy for her. Things just fell together or happened at just the right moment at crucial times in the story. Not a huge issue but I think if the stakes were raised a little I was have enjoyed the story more.

I did have a little qualm with the American accent, perhaps it's different in other parts of the world but when the characters, who are supposedly American, say they'll "ring" someone on the phone. I would say, as a Midwestern American, "call" someone if I were to phone someone. That read as a more European way of phoning someone which I thought it was odd since the characters are from New York. I don't know many people from New York so this may be completely valid but it's an extremely minor detail but it did confuse me for a moment.

Overall, this is a wonderful "feel-good" story that any person with an artistic dream can relate to and enjoy. It has all the makings of a nice contemporary romance but I like how the romance wasn't the sole focus of the story. I love how the character got her "Cinderlla moment" by her own hard work and not by some magical help. I would have liked to see more friendships develop but it's still a book I would recommend to all readers who like a fresh "Cinderella" underdog story.

3.6 out of 5 rating for me!

(A copy was provided for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)


Jennifer Kloester
I was born in Melbourne, Australia, but have lived and worked in Papua New Guinea and the Middle East and travelled to more than thirty countries. During my time abroad I studied as an off-campus student with Deakin University and achieved my BA (Hons) while raising my three children. After graduating with a PhD in history from the University of Melbourne, I had my first two books: 'Georgette Heyer's Regency World' and 'Georgette Heyer' (the biography) published in both the UK and the USA. I've had lots of fun giving talks around the world on Georgette Heyer and the Regency, and am a passionate advocate for women writers, books and reading. My first novel, 'The Cinderella Moment', was published by Penguin Australia and Swoon Romance in 2013 and will be followed by the sequel, The Rapunzel Dilemma in 2014. I love writing and spending time with my family, gardening, reading and going to the beach. I have a black belt in karate and am love having adventures. One of my favourite things is experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and trying out different languages. Particular interests include Georgette Heyer first editions, and after a glorious visit to South Korea in 2012, Korean language and culture.


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