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Book Review: Skydreamer by Sheryl Winters + Giveaway

Title:  Skydreamer
Author:  Sheryl Winters
Publisher:  Roane Publishing
Release Date:  March 30, 2015
Keywords:  New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Romance, Dragons, Twins

For fire talent, Jaden Zarie, life is far from a fairy tale. Blisters from any contact with water, check. Sleeping in a shed behind your greedy Uncle's house, check. Ex-boyfriend scouting the bar where you work for one-night stands every night, double check.

When Jaden sets off to secure a new life with her two sisters, winning a contest with a huge pile of gold on the line seems like a quick fix. Getting hitched to Draven Winterbourne, King of the Dragon-changers, and finding true love, was beyond anything she could have hoped for.

But a friend turned enemy threatens to take it all away. Jaden is thrust into an alternate universe and separated from her new husband and her sisters, she must summon up the courage to start over, alone, knowing she may never see any of them again.

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This tale is imaginative and constantly moving. It took me a few pages to get into this world but overall, I liked it, especially the dragon-changers (because I love dragons) and it's what sold me to read this story. I liked all the main characters, although I liked the youngest sister, I wasn't quite sure of her role in the story and feel like she could have played a larger role in the story. The story seemed to center around Jaden and Isla. We get the viewpoints from both girls so I think they are both the protagonists in this story, not just Jaden. I had no problems liking either of the girls, I like how opposite they are despite being twins. It happens a few times in this story which I don't mind.

I think the pace is decent, I never found myself bored but I did find myself a little confused at times. Sometimes I felt like the scenes didn't quite make sense or felt a little random to me. I'm not quite sure why. I think it may have to do with the world building. I felt details were left out a little, such as the rules of the dragons and hierarchy. However, once I really got into the story I didn't have a problem filling in those details but I felt like that would have helped immerse me in the story better and quicker.

The flow and rhythm of the story seemed a little more choppy which will probably be fixed by now since I believe I'm reading an ARC. A lot happens in this story which is great but like I said earlier, slightly random, but it all adds up in the end. Things happened so quickly that I wasn't able to enjoy myself in the character for too long before it skimmed to the next event. I wanted to feel more of the characters struggles in the story to build a deeper connection to them.

The conclusion is satisfying and warm, even a little bittersweet, but not necessarily memorable. I could see a sequel happening but the way it ended makes it seem like it's a standalone novel. The story is good but I did have questions throughout the story that had not been answered but they weren't too important. 

While the book has a good concept and overall story, I feel like the execution of the writing could have been stronger to make it a more memorable story. The impact the story made on me felt lackluster and I feel like it could have been better. I wanted to like the story more than I did when I finished. Still, if you like animal shifters, fantasy/scifi tech, twins, and the idea of family, then you'll like this book.

3.2 out of 5 rating for me!

(An ARC was provided by the author for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)

I never set out to be an author. Only a story teller. Some days I succeed better than others. 

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