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Book Promo: The Surrogate Sea + Guest Post: 10 Wilderhark Tales Truths I Did Not See Coming + Giveaway

Guest Post : 10 Wilderhark Tales Truths I Did Not See Coming

1) Villem Deere. The doctor we meet in Book One was not the doctor I’d planned. The role was originally intended to be a bit part, played by some old guy we wouldn’t hear about again past Chapter One or Two. Instead, up steps this cucumber-cool, handsome young medical professional who makes “The Swan Prince” at least one third his own.

2) Also, Book One’s ending? Didn’t know that was gonna happen, either. #MindBlown

3) My jaw may have dropped when the Anarchwitch showed up in the stable scene toward the end of “The Stone Kingdom”. Frankly, I never know when or where that witch is going to pop up. Wait ‘til Book Seven, that’s all I’m going to say.

4) Gant-o’-the-Lute. You think Doctor Deere came out left field? His appearance and series takover has nothing on that of the minstrel in blue. Be careful who you let in your brain for open character auditions, kids!

5) Prince Benedeck’s return. I figured we’d seen the last of him halfway through “Stone Kingdom”, but nope! I’m glad, though; I’d have felt bad about leaving him in his Book Two situation.

6) Lute’s face after that incident in Dunnermarch Burg. I mean, I figured based on the storyline that he’d be ticked off, but… yikes. And does that stop me from doing stupid things to make Lute mad at me? Haha, no. I’m half-surprised I haven’t yet been murdered in my bed.

7) The Welkens. Three books, I wrote (Book Four didn’t actually get drafted until after Book Five), before “The Sun’s Rival” revealed the truth of the Sky and the world below to me. Way to change everything! Like, now I look at the cover of “Swan Prince”, and that’s not just the moon – that’s the Moon!

8) Despite it being what we’ve called it/him (and, y’know, the series) since Book One, Wilderhark is not the forest’s true name! I can’t even remember how late in the game I learned that. Readers, meanwhile, will have to wait until the next book to learn what the name is, and what it means.

9) The variety of potential romantic pairings in “The Surrogate Sea” had even me wondering who’d get whom for the first three quarters of the book. And would you believe, I totally ‘shipped a pair that didn’t end up together. Just goes to show what the author’s opinion counts for in matters of the character heart.

10) The end of chapter whatever-it-is, “The Breaking Point”, in “Surrogate Sea”. I… did not plan for that to happen. I was stunned. Wow.

These tidbits are juicy and I loved them! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! If you're a Wilderhark fan, like I am, you'll find these little facts fascinating! Let me know what you think of them! 


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