Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Promo: Incite Release Day Blitz

Happy book birthday to Ms. Erica Crouch! Incite is now available for purchase at the links below! If you're on the fence, feel free to check out the reviews on Goodreads or even my own reviews that I did for all the books in the series so far.

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Incite (Ignite #2), by Erica Crouch

Publisher: Patchwork Press
Release Date: February 17, 2015

Synopsis: Earth is in ruins, and the war of Heaven and Hell has spilled over into the mortal world. In the frozen wasteland of the apocalypse, Azael and his band of cohorts search for Pen and Michael with orders to kill. Little does he know that his sister has incited a rebel army of her own.

Angels and demons alike stand side by side, ready and willing to fight for a future they didnt realize they could have. Change doesn't come easy, though. Pen is wary of joining New Genesis's revolution, but when Azael shows his hand and Pen learns all that he holds over them, she chooses to fight back, no matter the risk. She only has to survive, one hour at a time.

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Erica Crouch Biography

Erica Crouch is a young adult and new adult author from Baltimore, Maryland. She has a strange blended aesthetic of cute and spooky, and her books reflect her ever changing mood. (You may find romance, you may find goresometimes both in the same book, but probably not at the same time. Probably.)

Erica is the cofounder of Patchwork Press, an author-powered publisher of middle grade, young adult, and new adult titles. She is the head of editorial services and design, with nearly fifty projects to her name. Find a complete list of Ericas books at ericacrouch.com.

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