Friday, January 30, 2015

Book Review: The Manhattan Puzzle (Puzzle #3)

An international cover-up that could change the course of history…

Sean has been tracking a symbol from another age. It provides a clue to a barbaric conspiracy. A puzzle with an answer feared for millenia.

When Isabel wakes to find Sean hasn't come home she doesn't worry. At first. But when the police turn up on her doorstep wanting to interview him, she has to make a decision.

Does she keep faith in him or does she believe the evidence?
The symbol Sean and Isabel have been chasing will finally be revealed in Manhattan as one of the greatest banks in the world totters. Can Isobel uncover the truth before time runs out…or will she too be murdered?

A thrilling, high-octane race to save civilisation that will engross fans of Dan Brown, David Baldacci and James Patterson.



I had higher hopes for this book as it is said to be on par to Dan Brown (which I enjoy) and James Patterson (hit or miss for me). Having not read the first two books, this book could be read as a standalone and I didn't have a problem with the story referring back to the previous books. However, I could not and did not finish the book. I got up to chapter 23 before I lost interest. I originally read some of the book then put it down for a few weeks before attempting to pick it back up but it still didn't intrigue me enough to read on.

This book promised thriller, drama, and conspiracy. I'd have to say that I'd consider it more of a drama and somewhat of a conspiracy but I don't consider it a thriller. The writing did not catch me enough and it felt flat for me. There are multiple points of views and it felt choppy and a little confusing. I also didn't really care for anyone in the book, not even Isabel who I wanted to like.

It is well written but it dragged on for me. Perhaps I'm too impatient of a reader but this book may not have been for me. This book might be more for those readers who like a slow build up and mystery. Maybe I'd give it another chance but for now I rather have a book catch my attention right away.

2 out of 5 rating for me!

(A copy was provided by the publisher for an honest review. I was not compensated in any other way.)

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