Monday, February 17, 2014

Book Review: Croak (Croak #1)

Fed up with her wild behavior, sixteen-year-old Lex's parents ship her off to upstate New York to live with her Uncle Mort for the summer, hoping that a few months of dirty farm work will whip her back into shape.

But Uncle Mort's true occupation is much dirtier than shoveling manure. He's a Grim Reaper. And he's going to teach Lex the family business.

She quickly assimilates into the peculiar world of Croak, a town populated by reapers who deliver souls from this life to the next. But Lex can't stop her desire for justice - or is it vengeance? - whenever she encounters a murder victim, craving to stop the attackers before they can strike again.

Will she ditch Croak and go rogue with her reaper skills?

So this type of series is probably book you probably either love it or hate it. I particularly loved it. The characters were hilarious and so eccentric that it was all sorts of whacked up fun. This type of story I felt is so unique that I've yet to hear another story like it. Yes, it had the same idea of Grim Reapers as other stories but the way Damico told their story and created their world made it incredibly interesting.

I think one of the strongest parts of Damico's writing is her dialogue. It is awesomely written that you can imagine the characters in front of you saying these crazy things. It also helped that the dialogue between the characters ended up making me laugh aloud to the point where I'd re-read it and still think it was hilarious.

Seriously. I read one scene (the time was when the Lex and Driggs meet for the first time) like five to seven times and I still grin like a mad person. The first time I read it I cracked up laughing to the point of tears. That's how hilarious it was for me. I don't do that too often. I usually get a good laugh from other books but Damico is pure comedic genius. There are several scenes that are bound to make you laugh. However, don't let that distract you, she can also make you cry. This story can also be pretty dark considering it is about Grim Reapers and death.

You see Lex has a twin and being a twin myself I could understand how Lex feel and I think Damico did a good job portraying their relationship. I'm pretty sure the sisters are fraternal, just like me and my sister. :) While neither my sister or I had a particularly wild streak like Lex, I still felt that both sisters still cared for each other. Then there's Uncle Mort, he's awesome. That's all I'm going to say. Most of the characters are great in this story and I had no trouble keeping track or remembering any of them.

Overall, I think Gina Damico is a fantastic writer and while the story wasn't perfect it had me laughing so much through out that it wasn't a problem. With her strong dialogue and characters I still felt pulled into the story with ease. Luckily, this series is a trilogy so there are two other books to follow Croak and I can't wait to get my hands on them!

5 out of 5 rating for me.

(This review was written several months after reading so the review may not be as accurate since I'm recalling the story from memory.)

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