Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Review: Unnatural Talent by Jason Brubaker

Where to Find Unnatural Talent:
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The journey from being a “no name” artist to finding your voice in the world of comics has always been a mystery—especially in the Internet age. While the publishing industry struggles to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world, independent artists now have the ability to build a successful and lucrative brand completely on their own with a little hard work and some Internet savvy. Now there’s nothing stopping you from getting your book in front of thousands or even millions of people. Suddenly you can’t blame anyone for not giving you a chance. You can only blame yourself for not trying. So roll up your sleeves, sharpen your pencils and fire up your Internet because we are about to make and sell comics! Jason Brubaker’s graphic novel reMIND raised over $125,000 in pre-order sales on Kickstarter, won the Xeric Award and made ALA’s Great Graphic Novels for Teens List. This book is a collection of his thoughts, strategies and practical lessons developed during his experience writing, drawing and self-publishing reMIND.

Hey all! Now, I know what you're thinking. Huh? Why are you reviewing a book that isn't a YA novel or comic? Well as most of you who follow me may know, I've been an aspiring novel and comic creator. I've been going back and forth between the two so I'm constantly on the look out for non-fiction books which could help enhance my knowledge about the two and to grow from there. Most of the books I usually skim but this book was a complete read through with great quick-to-the-point tips that I had to share. I've been a follower of Jason Brubaker for awhile, I'm not even sure how I found him but once I started reading his comic (reMind) I was hooked. By the way, you can read it for free!

This book is wonderful. I believe this book is heartfelt and realistic. Jason Brubaker tells you like it is with no flowery language to hide what it's like when it comes to being an indie artist. I found this book completely fascinating because this is coming from a professional artist and he's had a lot of experiences to share. I think it's great to share failures and learning experiences because it helps develop who you are as a creative. Also there's something endearing about watching a person and their projects grow even though they have never met in person.