Saturday, December 10, 2011

Comic Review: The Way To Your Heart

Title: The Way To Your Heart
Creator: Emily Muto
Publisher: Self-published Web-Comic
# books in series: 16 tracks (chapters) of the time of this article which you can purchase as an ebook at
Status: On-going
Genre: Shoujo/Romance


(Copied from the TWTYH About Page)
Yumi Takahashi has just transferred to the prestigious St. Othello Academy, a western-style school for the best and brightest of Japan. Aside from being shy and trying to deal with a new environment, she's found herself caught up in the lives of the four gorgeous members of the visual kei band Orochi! The vocalist, Miyabi Otsuki, holds a major grudge and aspires to make Yumi's life miserable. With friends to help her and a budding love interest, Yumi is thrust forward into her exciting new life filled with wild emotions, teenage angst and passion!

Aisa's Thoughts
I just heard that it's TWTYH's 9th Anniversary! Congrats to Emi Muto and her wonderful dedication! I've been meaning to write up a review on her comic for awhile and thought why not a better time than now!

Many of you probably know of The Way To Your Heart but just bare with me. It started off as a spin off of Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio (I loved that manga) but Emi began to change the story in a completely different way and I loved it. She infused her love of the visual kei genre into her story and it just took off!

The characters are three dimensional and complex, I love Yumi she's sweet, pretty, and smart. Even the minor characters have a personality. Gotta love Toshio, Miyabi, Akito, and Shuya and the fact they all have love interests. Eizo always cracks me up. Ms. Muto's love triangles are intriguing and I love her fashion sense. Little Mouse's clothes are always fun and the type I would love to wear! Emi Muto knows how to write a story and can keep you wanting more.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aisazia @ Storenvy

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