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Comic Review: The Way To Your Heart

Title: The Way To Your Heart
Creator: Emily Muto
Publisher: Self-published Web-Comic
# books in series: 16 tracks (chapters) of the time of this article which you can purchase as an ebook at
Status: On-going
Genre: Shoujo/Romance


(Copied from the TWTYH About Page)
Yumi Takahashi has just transferred to the prestigious St. Othello Academy, a western-style school for the best and brightest of Japan. Aside from being shy and trying to deal with a new environment, she's found herself caught up in the lives of the four gorgeous members of the visual kei band Orochi! The vocalist, Miyabi Otsuki, holds a major grudge and aspires to make Yumi's life miserable. With friends to help her and a budding love interest, Yumi is thrust forward into her exciting new life filled with wild emotions, teenage angst and passion!

Aisa's Thoughts
I just heard that it's TWTYH's 9th Anniversary! Congrats to Emi Muto and her wonderful dedication! I've been meaning to write up a review on her comic for awhile and thought why not a better time than now!

Many of you probably know of The Way To Your Heart but just bare with me. It started off as a spin off of Boys Over Flowers by Yoko Kamio (I loved that manga) but Emi began to change the story in a completely different way and I loved it. She infused her love of the visual kei genre into her story and it just took off!

The characters are three dimensional and complex, I love Yumi she's sweet, pretty, and smart. Even the minor characters have a personality. Gotta love Toshio, Miyabi, Akito, and Shuya and the fact they all have love interests. Eizo always cracks me up. Ms. Muto's love triangles are intriguing and I love her fashion sense. Little Mouse's clothes are always fun and the type I would love to wear! Emi Muto knows how to write a story and can keep you wanting more.

I love the flow of the story, very shojo-like. There is a mix of romance and comedy that always keeps you giggling throughout the pages. The camera placement of the panels is done well that keeps the reader interested. The creator's grammar and word choices are very nice, sometimes comic artists don't realize words are important to the story. One of the best parts of this story is the hidden meanings Ms. Muto tries to share across in the comic. One theme that I like is that after so much pain and torture, Yumi is willing to forgive, that is a strong message to share and one that is even harder to get across. It takes a strong person to forgive so easily and one lesson I still need to work on myself.

Now to some critiques...I've been an avid reader for quite some time. I've read her story before she revamped it to where it is now and some things that I've noticed is that the characters all tend to have similar faces. I understand it's the style but sometimes it is difficult for me to tell them apart unless there is something setting them apart (hair, accessories, clothing). It's mainly the minor characters where all their hair is black and I forget who they are and have to refer to the character's page to remember who they are. I understand they are all Japanese but I get jumbled up sometimes. It may just be all my fault for forgetting in the first place. lol Not a huge issue but may be something to take note about.

Another thing is anatomy, sometimes the characters can seem a bit off and stiff sometimes. Perhaps a little work on that to loosen them up a little? Perspective and backgrounds...Ms. Muto is fairly detailed in her lovely backgrounds but her perspective sometimes could use an extra eye or two to fix. I'm horrible at these myself, so props to Ms. Muto for continuing on improving herself. I see that she is still learning so please just take this as friendly advice.

Ms. Muto is a very friendly and charming person (at least from what I can see from the other side of the screen). She is very good at keeping up an update schedule. She still updates it to this day so drop by and catch up! I guarantee a great read!

Overall opinion?: Read it!

Definitely read it! The best part about this comic, it's TOTALLY FREE ONLINE! (I suppose all the comics I read are free. lol) All the pages can be read online but feel free to send her any support or donations! You can get extra pages! She's got quite the archive of pages so it's a good read and you don't have to wait for the next chapter to update to read more. She is diligently working on her comic so enjoy the current archive and look forward to more wonderful pages!

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