Monday, April 25, 2011

Comic Review: Fungus Grotto

Title: Fungus Grotto
Creator: Ms,Shatia Hamilton
Publisher: Self-published Web-Comic
# books in series: Vol. 1 (soon-to-be) published. (Only 5 printed chapters of the time of the article which you can purchase at
FG Shop)
Status: On-going
Genre: Fantasy/Comedy (That I know of, maybe a little romance? :D )


(Copied from the 1st Chapter of FG)
Seventeen year old Vielle wasn't ready to go off to college. After confiding in her mother, she contemplates what to do next. Why is growing up so hard? But that's the least of her worries. After waking up in her back yard, Vielle finds her little problems just reached epic proportions...

Vielle is like any normal 17 year old girl with dreams, goals, and aspirations. On the eve of leaving home to step into her future she finds she's not quite ready to go. Torn between 'out there' and 'comfort' Vielle takes a moment to daydream... Just dream... And she thought going out into the real world would be hard.

Aisa's Thoughts
Some of you may already heard of Fungus Grotto, but I just wanted to further share this wonderful original tale. :) The one reason I wanted to feature Ms,Shatia's works is because of her unique style. One thing about comics is the freedom of expression and creativity. Ms,Shatia takes that to heart. She has a beautiful-strong-female protagonist (Who is of a mixed race, perhaps? That, you don't see a lot in comics.), as well as some interesting side characters. As a supporter of diversity, it is great to see different amounts of ethnic characters. Plus, who could resist those enticing eyes?! lol

What one probably notices when you first see her graphic novel is the attractive visuals. Each panel and frame are vivid and detailed (Painstakingly, I'm sure XD). Besides the stunningly beautiful illustrations, Ms,Shatia has a great story-telling voice. I'm not exaggerating. Her characters are vibrant and lively. They all have unique and developed personalities that are fun to watch. All her visuals and dialogue flows beautifully and it is a joy to read if you like fantasy stories. Her pacing and development is fairly good for only 5 chapters.