Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Heh, first post of the year...which is almost over. ^_^;; Sorry about that, been busy. 

“The hardest times for me were not when people challenged what I said, but when I felt my voice was not heard.”
- Carol Gilligan

Anyways, have any of you ever had trouble trying to get your voice heard? Heh, you're not the only ones. I like to think I was born a shy baby but as I grew up I had to break out of my shell. When I was young I'd always be the one hiding behind my parents. lol Actually in middle school I was voted the "most quietest person in class".... High school wasn't much better, still quiet and shy and a loner for the most part. Not something I'm totally proud of but now I'm better. I used to get nervous and would rehearse things I'd say in my head before I actually said them. I also hated being wrong when I was younger but I soon learned that happens more often than one would like in their life. lol

Then came college where I was forced to grow up and get out there. I had to make my voice be heard. My parents no longer was there to help me all the time and kind of threw me out to get things done. Of course they would help me if I needed or asked. Although, it was strange for me because I had a tendency to want to get things done on time and accurately. I ended up missing deadlines or barely making them. lol Now I'm better at prioritizing but I still procrastinate sometimes. Shhh.....

Ah yes, the point of this entry. You all have a unique voice, thoughts, and style of talking or writing. You all just need to express it. Like I am here writing entries in a blog. It can even be expressed through art or music. Everyone has a unique story and it's really up to you whether or not you want your voice to be heard. It is a power that only you possess.