Thursday, September 23, 2010

Comic Review: Mars

Title: Mars
Creator: Fuyumi Soroyo
Publisher: Tokyopop
# books in series: 15 with one prequel oneshot
Status: Completed
Genre: Romance

(from wikipedia)
It follows the relationship of a disliked teenage romance between Kira Aso, an introverted artist, and Rei Kashino, a troubled playboy who is a professional motorcycle racer.

Kira Aso and Rei Kashino meet when Rei asks Kira for directions to a local hospital one day in the park, but instead of telling him the directions she draws him a map and hands it to him without saying a word. On the back of the directions is a picture Kira drew of a mother and child. On the first day of school they are both surprised to find that they are in the same class. Later Rei walks in on their teacher sexually harassing Kira. Rei promises to protect Kira in exchange for a painted version of the sketch that was on the back of the map. He also offers to "lend Kira his body" and she asks him to model for her.

Aisa's Thoughts
You know how most people start off reading manga with Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z? Well mine started with Mars. I thought it was fitting that I start my reviews with this because this manga was the one that started my whole journey into my manga obsession. I do enjoy a good romance that isn't too focused on the fluffy stuff. This has a thriller, a bit of mystery, and action. The characters are relateable and they develop at a reasonable pace. I also love the psychology of it, I never thought of characters to develop or behave in such a way. You'll have to read it to see what I mean.

The art definitely develops but it's the story that captured me. The realism of the characters are so detailed it brings them to life. I could imagine how they could behave and believe the reasoning behind the choices they make. I love how the characters grow throughout the series. The flow of the story is also very nice, it's refreshing and definitely a different take on life.

Some aspects I think could be improved upon is the pacing a bit and the ending. The pacing isn't too bad but sometimes it sped up or slowed down in random spots but that isn't too big of an issue. Not many redundant scenes or characters. Everyone almost had a purpose which is good. The ending (not trying to spoil) left it pretty open ended which I suppose it a good idea but I don't usually like to leave things like that. I like endings that are more tight or precise. A few loose ends at the end but you can be satisfied enough with the ending the way it is. Although a glimpse into the future would be awesome but the creator probably wanted the reader to create their own endings for Rei and Kira.

Overall opinion?: Read it!
If you have time I would definitely recommend you reading this series by buying this online or visiting the local library and reserving the series(free and supporting the artist). I would recommend getting all 15 books cause once you start, you don't want to stop. ^_~