Friday, July 13, 2018

I'M BACK! (kind of)

All right, I know I said I'd be on indefinite hiatus, but I've really missed reading and sharing it with you on this blog!

I likely won't post as often as I used to but I see so many amazing authors I want to support. So I'm going to keep this blog going but I will post infrequently. I'll only post a review when I am able to finish a book. I have tons of books I want/need to get through so I have plenty to read! Otherwise I'll be sharing with you some awesome authors I've found!

Audio books have been fantastic, I've been able to listen to those on the commute to and from work. I miss reading the words myself but those have been great in moments where I can't just sit down and read. Highly recommend them if you haven't tried them already.

I've also been on a podcast kick, that's mostly informational advice but I found that I enjoyed listening and learning to what they have to offer.

Anyways, just wanted to announce that I'm back for now and I hope you're as excited as I am! I miss you guys a bunch!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

To my fellow book blog readers....

If you haven't figured it out already, but this blog is on an INDEFINITE HIATUS.

I know, I hate hiatus's too and indefinite ones at that but I didn't want to leave anyone hanging so I wanted to officially announce it. I wish I had more time to read lately but juggling a full time job and my other blog just isn't feasible anymore. I had hopes to be able to make time the past year but that flew by and I realized I hardly posted at all!

I will still be reading and rating books when possible on Goodreads but know that it will be infrequent for me to type up a thoughtful review but I'll try to post when I can.

I'm still available on my personal site and social media and my progress blog but this blog will be put low on my priority list. I'm sorry if you're disappointed but know that I am too.

Who knows, maybe one day I'll pick this back up when I have more free time or a life circumstance allows me the ability to post again. For now, I'm not closing any doors but I owed you readers the courtesy to let you know where the blog stands.

Feel free to contact me on my social media! I check it near daily.

Thanks for joining me on this little journey. All my love.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Book Review: Court of the Phantom Queen by Liz Meldon


Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars, #1

Genre: Fantasy (Romance)
Heat Level: 1/5
Rating: M
$2.99 99¢ Release Day Sale

For centuries, the house of Zeus has reigned over some of the world's largest, most powerful civilizations. First with the Greeks, next with the Romans and their conquered foes. Fueled by their worship, the old Hellenic gods remained unchallenged and supreme for centuries. Now, in the fourth century of the new world order, goddess Athena has discovered a growing enemy: the fanatical Cult of One.

As sanctions arise for pagan worshipers across the Roman empire, Athena decides to unite all the godly pantheons of the human world. Her vision: a council of rational, reasonable representatives from each house to come together and combat their common enemy.

But with arrogant gods and goddesses, both in her house and beyond, that's easier said than done.

Athena refuses to be beaten, however, and vows to bring her vision to life. The first step is to visit each house and plead her case. With a motley crew of world-wise companions, she begins in the western isles, where she stumbles upon a god who once set her heart aflame in the court of Dagda and his mistress Morrigan, the Phantom Queen.

Unfortunately for Athena, not all gods are interested in playing nice with others.

Court of the Phantom Queen is a fantasy romance novella. It is both a standalone and a part of the overall story of the Lovers and Liars: Immortal Wars series.



I always enjoy Liz's creativity and the way she writes stories, it always sucks me in. I love how Liz weaves worlds so I have no problem diving right into the story. Athena is a fun and interesting character, much different from Aphrodite in her other series. The author stays true to how the goddess is described according to history but I kind of wish we knew more about her. Quirks and other little things that history wouldn't describe and make this Athena a little more unique or personable to the reader.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Cover Reveal: The Elysian Prophecy by Vivien Reis + Giveaway

The Elysian Prophecy

By Vivien Reis

Release date: Spring 2017 (date TBA)


A mysterious island. An ancient evil. A society determined to gain power.

Fifteen-year-old Abigail Cole and seventeen-year-old Benjamin Cole never thought one day could alter their lives forever. After a violent attack leaves their father in the hospital and their mother goes missing, both discover there’s more to their family history than mental illness.

But when Abi is abducted, she learns the attack wasn’t random. Thrust into an exotic and beautiful world part of a multi-millennial feud, Abi must decide who to trust in a society built on secrets. Enlisting the help of a boy connected to her in impossible ways, Abi uncovers a family secret stretching generations--a secret her abductors have also discovered.

With Abi gone, Ben tries his best to search for both his sister and his mother, but his hold on reality is fading. Something dark has latched onto him. Violent hallucinations and paranoia force him to believe he’s next in line for the family curse.

Set in a world of magic and fatal powers, failure can result in unthinkable damage. With the clock ticking, Abi and Ben must decide what’s right in time to save themselves and those they love.

When darkness is coming, who do you trust?

Sounds awesome right? Magic? Powers? Multi-millennial feud? I'm sold! I'm excited to read more! I've been watching Vivien's Youtube channel and she gives some great writing advice! Particularly if you're interested in self-publishing which is something I've been looking into for the future. 

Ready to see the cover? Scroll down!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Book Review: Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay

Game of Thrones meets the Grimm's fairy tales in this twisted, fast-paced romantic fantasy-adventure about Sleeping Beauty's daughter, a warrior princess who must fight to reclaim her throne.

Though she looks like a mere mortal, Princess Aurora is a fairy blessed with enhanced strength, bravery, and mercy yet cursed to destroy the free will of any male who kisses her. Disguised as a boy, she enlists the help of the handsome but also cursed Prince Niklaas to fight legions of evil and free her brother from the ogre queen who stole Aurora's throne ten years ago.

Will Aurora triumph over evil and reach her brother before it's too late? Can Aurora and Niklaas break the curses that will otherwise forever keep them from finding their one true love?