Friday, May 24, 2019

Cover Reveal: The Stolen Kingdom by Bethany Atazadeh

Woot! Haven't done a cover reveal in a bit! I've been following Bethany's author journey for awhile and she has been inspiring and helpful to other writers with her writing and indie publishing advice! Be sure to check her out in the links below!

I have to admit, I love fairytale retellings so when Bethany mentioned she was doing a loose retelling of Aladdin, I was instantly on board! Who did not have a crush on Aladdin?! Also it's funny timing that it also happens that today is the release date of the Disney live action movie of Aladdin. Sneaky sneaky but clever! lol

Anyways, what I'm trying to say is to read the synopsis then check out the beautiful cover below! Let us know what you think!


How can she protect her kingdom, if she can’t protect herself?

Arie eagerly anticipates becoming Queen of her humble kingdom. Even when a Jinni’s Gift manifests before her 18th birthday, she fights to hide the forbidden ability.

But when a neighboring king attempts to marry her and steal her kingdom, discovery feels imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life.

A Jinni hunter and his crew of thieves are her only hope for removing this Gift. And she must remove it before it’s exposed. Or die trying.

The Stolen Kingdom is a loose “Aladdin” retelling. Set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and the elusive Jinni, this isn’t the fairytale you remember…



Scroll down for the cover!

Ta da! Isn't it lovely?! Go let me and Bethany know what you think of it!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Book Review: Keeper by Kim Chance

Book Synopsis:
When a 200-year-old witch attacks her, sixteen-year-old bookworm Lainey Styles is determined to find a logical explanation. Even with the impossible staring her in the face, Lainey refuses to believe it—until she finds a photograph linking the witch to her dead mother.

After consulting a psychic, Lainey discovers that she, like her mother, is a Keeper: a witch with the exclusive ability to unlock and wield the Grimoire, a dangerous but powerful spell book. But there’s a problem. The Grimoire has been stolen by a malevolent warlock who is desperate for a spell locked inside it—a spell that would allow him to siphon away the world’s magic.

With the help of her comic-book-loving best friend and an enigmatic but admittedly handsome street fighter, Lainey must leave her life of college prep and studying behind to prepare for the biggest test of all: stealing back the book.
Overall, I enjoyed the book. I've been a fan of Kim's YouTube channel for a long time and rooted for her to get her book published. I'm super happy for her and fortunate to read the book.

I enjoyed the characters. I don't really feel like I love them as much as I expected but they were all likable to me. I think Maggie was my favorite. I like Ty as well but I feel like it was a bit too insta-love for me but I always love romance so I'm good with it for now.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Book Promo: Twisted Desire by Jessi Elliott

Title: Twisted Desire
Series: Twisted #2.5
Author: Jessi Elliott
Genre: Urban Fantasy (New Adult)
Release Date: April 16, 2019 Cover Credit: Arijana Karčić, Cover It! Designs 
Being left to lead the fae alongside an annoyingly charming partner really screws with your life.
Skylar Chen just received the promotion of an eternity. After Tristan and Aurora trade their esteemed status for mundane life, it’s now her responsibility to lead the fae.
The catch? She has to work with Nikolai Sterling. With his constant smirks and dangerous good looks, he has a way of getting under Skylar’s skin like no one else. Even still, she’d much rather be getting under him.
Sexual tension aside, they have a bigger issue to deal with. The Experiment, a human organization built on hatred toward the fae, threatens to wipe them from existence. It’s time for Skylar and Nikolai to recruit allies, bring the fae together, and prepare for battle.
Fighting to protect her people is something Skylar can manage. It’s the skeletons in her designer closet that make opening up to Nikolai where she’s suddenly out of her element.
In this finale novella, the beloved side characters from Twisted Fate and Twisted Gift take center stage to bring down the organization set on destroying them.
“I got you something,” Nikolai says once we’re back in our hotel room.

I suppose it went without saying that Allison and I were swapping roommates
because Oliver followed her into the other room without a word.

I arch a brow at him, shrugging off my jacket and draping it over the armchair
beside the window. “What? Why?”

He shrugs, setting down the groceries we grabbed on the way back from the
meeting. “I thought it would cheer you up.”

“Oh,” is all I say. I told the group on the drive back that Jackson removed himself
from the fight, leaving out the part about him telling me to call him if things didn’t “work
out” between Nikolai and me. Nikolai must’ve told Jackson something, but I’ll be
damned if I bring it up to him.

Nikolai reaches into one of the bags and pulls out the same bottle of rosé I tasted
at Jackson’s. Hold on. The bottle has been opened. He stole the bottle from Jackson’s
bar. Smooth bastard.

A grin pulls at my lips as I take the bottle from him. “You—”

“Are amazing? Yeah, I know,” he says with a wink, leaning in slowly. “Skylar?”

“What?” I mutter.

“Kiss me,” he whispers back.

I set the bottle down. “Do I have to?” I feign disinterest even as my pulse ticks
faster with excitement.

His grin is still fully in place, his eyes filled with amusement. “No, but you want
to,” he lowers his voice, “almost as much as I do.”

“Mmm,” I hum, closing the rest of the space between us in a single breath before
our lips crash together, making me feel as if I could happily live in this moment forever.

Maybe that’s why I can admit to enjoying what it feels like when we kiss. When our lips
are locked, he can’t talk.
Jessi Elliott is a law clerk and author of both young adult and new adult romantic fiction. Her love of writing was born after many years of reading and reviewing books on her blog.
She lives in Southwestern Ontario with her adorable cat, Phoebe. Yes, named after the Friends character.
When she’s not plotting her next writing project, she likes to spend her time hanging with friends and family, getting lost in a steamy romance novel, watching Friends, and drinking coffee.
You can find Jessi at, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can join her newsletter to stay up to date on book news and upcoming releases.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Book Review: The City of Veils by S. Usher Evans

Young Adult Fantasy meets Batman in this epic new trilogy from S. Usher Evans

Book Synopsis:
For the past three years, Brynna has been patrolling the streets of Forcadel as a masked vigilante, protecting the innocent and beating up bad guys. Her current target is Lord Beswick, a slumlord businessman who keeps the townsfolk in a vicious poverty cycle. But one fateful evening, she's captured by Felix, the captain of the king's guard, and told a shocking truth: her father and brother are dead, and she needs to hang up her mask and become queen.

Before long, she negotiates a deal with Felix: attend to her royal duties during the day and continue her vigilante mission to take out Lord Beswick at night---at least until her coronation. But the politics of Forcadel are as volatile as the streets, and Brynna isn't sure whom she can trust in the castle. With two royals dead in less than a month, she must use all her wits to make sure she isn't the third.


I had fun reading this book. Brynna makes an interesting flawed but lovable protagonist. She uses her street skills in her vigilante life and her royal life which glad she didn't give up. I enjoyed the story and felt a rush when I finished it. But when I did finish, I started to think of things where the story could have improved but I still felt positively about the overall story.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Book Review: The Savior's Champion by Jenna Moreci (18+)


I enjoyed this book! I was entranced by nearly every word. It wasn't perfect (because no book is) but I still found it entertaining enough to binge read it in a few days and still think about it the next day. That is a behemoth of a book. I didn't realize it at first. haha I think this is a comp between The Hunger Games, The Bachelorette, in the Roman Empire times or at least that's how it felt to me.